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Prestonsburg Housing Authorities  

Mondays and Thursdays    

Pick-Up Times        Pick-Up Return         Returned By

Dixie Heights

 9:00AM                 11:00AM                  2:00PM

Highland Heights

 10:00AM               12:00PM                  2:00PM

Dixie & Highland Heights 

 11:30AM                        -                        2:00PM

Tuesdays and Fridays        

 Pick-Up Times       Pick-Up Return           Returned By

Highland Terrace                     

   9:15AM                  11:15AM                  2:00PM

IIndian Hills

9:30AM                  11:20AM                  2:00PM

Green Acres                            

9:40AM                  11:25AM                  2:00PM


10:00AM                  11:35AM                  2:30PM


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